Daesim Technologies understands the importance of partnering with industry-leading technology companies to ensure that we are able to deliver and support the best possible solutions for our customers. Our key partners are:


 ExperTune Logo

Established in 1986 as Gerry Engineering Software and renamed to ExperTune Incorporated in 1995, ExperTune manufactures pre-packaged industrial software which maximizes productivity and efficiency in the process industries. ExperTune’s award winning products include PlantTriage™ for plant performance optimisation; PID Loop Optimizer - the complete toolkit for control loop optimisation; Loop Simulator for simulating complex control loop dynamics for single loop, cascade, and feedforward systems; and PID Tuning Translator for simplifying the cutover to new controllers. Daesim Technologies is a reseller for ExperTune in Australia.


TiPS Logo

TiPS, Inc. is the manufacturer of LogMate® Alarm Management Software and a leading expert in philosophy development and rationalization. TiPS provides class-leading alarm management technology that enables its customers to improve operations through an optimized alarm system, including fewer upsets and better response to abnormal trends, leading to reduced downtime, increased safety, and higher quality output. TiPS’ product quality and longevity enable us to connect you with some of the leaders in alarm management knowledge and services, including formative members of the ASM Consortium®, participants in the EEMUA® 191 effort, and contributors to the ISA® 18.2 alarm management standards committee. Daesim Technologies is an authorised reseller for TiPS.


Inductive Automation Logo

Inductive Automation produces Ignition, a software platform for the industrial automation market based on databases, Java and OPC-UA, which makes for a flexible platform that can be used to create just about any type of automated system. Inductive Automation’s software has been deployed by some of the world’s largest companies and across a wide range of industries including aerospace, water and wastewater, transportation, food and beverage, construction, energy, broadcasting, printing and manufacturing. Daesim Technologies is a Level Three - Gold Level Certified Integrator for Inductive Automation.


ATMOS International Logo

With installations on over 500 pipelines in 40 countries, ATMOS International is the world leader in pipeline design and operations management software. ATMOS software is used for real time leak detection, batch tracking, pig tracking, hydraulic simulation, optimisation, gas management systems, airport tightness monitoring, and theft detection. Daesim Technologies resells ATMOS International’s powerful simulation software for gas and liquid pipelines, ATMOS SIM, for offline applications in Australia.


Our other partnerships include:

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