Daesim Products

Daesim Technologies develops and markets an integrated suite of advanced process systems engineering libraries and tools called Daesim Studio which enables engineers to better design, optimise and manage industrial processes through the application of data analysis, modelling and simulation, automated monitoring and intelligent diagnosis, and risk analysis technologies. The Daesim Studio suite includes:

Daesim Dynamics

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Dynamics is an equation-oriented general purpose dynamic modelling and simulation software environment for modelling continuous, batch and hybrid processes.  

Daesim Data Workshop

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Data Workshop enables engineers to easily apply advanced data analysis techniques to improve the quality of process data and to extract useful information from process data without the need for extensive training.   

Daesim Risk Assessor

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Risk Assessor is an integrated risk assessment tool for potentially hazardous installations and operations that can be used to assess the impact of events such as liquid and gas releases, pool formation, fires, explosions and gas dispersion.  

G2 Bridges


With a combined experience or more than 30 years in developing and integrating solutions on the G2 Platform, Daesim has extensive experience in building G2 bridges. The G2 Bridges we have developed include:

  • G2 - Dynamics Bridge
  • G2 - Data Workshop Bridge
  • G2 - Matlab Bridge
  • G2 - Revdezvous Bridge
  • G2 – Centum CS Bridge
  • G2 – JMS Bridge